West End Diving is a full service air filling station. The air from our Mako compressor is tested quarterly by Trace Analytics and the results are posted for your inspection. Air fills run $15. Valid Open Water Diver or above card must be shown to fill tanks

Nitrox fills (up to 40%) are $15 per cylinder
You must show us your enriched air certification card in order to obtain Nitrox fills. (Available at our Bonne Terre Mine Location.


West End Diving, as does most air filling facilties, requires proof of hydrostatic testing and visual inspection in order to fill your cylinder. Hydrostatic testing is required every five years (for the majority of cylinders) and visual inspections are required every year.  

$50 for hydrostatic testing (includes the visual inspection and an air fill) 
$22 for a visual inspection (includes  VIP sticker and air fill).

In addition, we have the required equipment to clean cylinders and tank valves for oxygen service. This process involves tumbling the cylinder with ceramic pellets to remove all traces of contaminates. In addition, the tank valve is dissassembled and ultrasonically cleaned and reassembled using oxygen compatible o-rings, seats and lubricates. Includes hydrostatic test.
Cost is $100 for the cylinder and $35 for the valve.


State of the Art Diagnostic Testing!

West End Diving is raising the bar on our regulator servicing! We are proud to announce that we have recently invested in a top of the line flowbench from Global Manufacturing.

The bench is capable of testing all functional parameters of modern scuba regulators including: air flow rates, inhalation/exhalation breathing efforts at both initiation and during air flow, first stage intermediate pressure, lockup repeatability and stability and systemic air tightness.

The importance of flow testing regulators for modern diving, especially technical diving, cannot be over-emphasized. In an era where dives beyond 250 feet are common, a diver must know that breathing equipment can function at operational depth.

Excessively hard or restricted air delivery can be deadly. Periodic flow bench testing prior to deep dives allows one to know that air requirements from all system components can be met. Without such testing, no documentable statement can be made about the underwater performance of dive regulators or other systems components.

Regulators/Instruments Servicing: $80
Charge includes the annual servicing of your regulator (both first and second stages), octopus or alternate air source, and instruments.

The cost of parts kits will vary depending on make and model. Bring in your Annual Service Parts Benefit Warranty information and your parts kit(s) will be free of charge.
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