PADI or SSI Cavern Diver Specialty Course at Bonne Terre Mine
You can learn in two days, all you need to know to explore underwater caverns, in the most beautiful adventurous environment in the USA!

Cavern diving is defined as diving within the light zone of a cave, the area near the cave entrance where natural light is always visible. If you want to explore secrets hidden in caverns around the world, you'll need your PADI/SSI Cavern Diver certification

Cavern diving is spectacular and rewarding. It challenges our ability to plan and execute dives in a controlled and environmentally sensitive way. Caverns often hold the secrets of our past. We can sometimes find fossils and rock formations which have laid undisturbed for millions of years. The PADI/SSI Cavern Diver Specialty Course will enable you to develop your practical knowledge of the cavern environment and organize exploration in safety.

During your first open water dive you will practice line handling, use of reels, and emergency procedures in an open water environment. Your final three dives are conducted in the cavern environment. Your cavern penetration training dives limited to within the light zone and 130 feet total distance of the surface.

Prerequisite: SSI or PADI Advanced Open Water (or other qualifying certification) and 18 years old

Price: $700.00
Course fee does not include rental equipment. (price subject to change)


The program covers the knowledge and techniques of cavern diving and describes the dangers involved with cavern diving. The following is included in your PADI Cavern Diver Course:
  • The planning, organization procedures, techniques, problems, and hazards of cavern diving.
  • Special equipment considerations including, but not limited to: lighting, guidelines, reel handling and redundant breathing systems.
  • Proper body position and buoyancy control, air-consumption management and emergency procedures.
  • Information that describes the specific hazards of cavern diving should include, but not be limited to: silting, line entanglement and breakage, disorientation from permanent lines and emergency situations unique to cavern diving.


  • Masks & Fins with straps taped
  • Regulator with submersible pressure gauge
  • Octopus second stage on 7' hose
  • BCD, Weights
  • Exposure Suit (wet or dry)
  • Dive Computer
  • Slate with pencil
  • Two (2) submersible lights
  • Knife, Line Cutter
  • Reel with 150' line
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